Some of Japanese and Hiroshima cultures may look weird to international visitors. If you know the reasons, you may love them. 
SHINTO DEITIES -- 8 mils of Shinto deities (gods) reside in all living things such as mountains, trees and rocks. It is the indigenous religion of Japan without a recognized founder. 
They are more human-like. They fall in love, get jealous, angry and enjoy dancing and drinking. People respect them, but go together well like our friends. We even ask them to make our boy & girlfriends at shrines. Our tours go through the routines at shrines and temples in depth, deep-diving into Japan cultures.
ZEN MEDITATION (ZAZEN) -- Our tour can offer you the once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can try Zazen with a real priest(s) at the authentic Zen Hall at Zen Temple every Friday. Please contact us for more details. Don't miss this great opportunity!
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TRADITIONAL JAPANESE FESTIVALS -- They have much to do with Shinto deities. We pray for and appreciate nature's blessings in spring and autumn festivals respectively, and pray to drive away evil spirits and diseases in summer festivals. We drop by them if they are held nearby. You'll come across the following:
  • KAGURA -- A diverse art form with a variety of performance styles during the rice cultivation season as a sign of gratitude for a good season's harvest. 
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  • MIKOSHI -- Portable shrines with the shape of a small shrine building. It' and is the vehicle only for  Shinto deity. People carry Mikoshi on their shoulders.
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  • PROCESSION -- Festivals often feature processions of people wearing special costumes, such as Happi (workman's livery coat) and Heian costume in ancient times.
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KIMONO -- Japanese people still wear Kimono at happy occasions, such as wedding. The tea ceremony experience in Kimono is available in our tours. You can walk around in Kimono in a Japanese garden to feel "Wa".
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HIROSHIMA-STYLE OKONOMIYAKI -- It's a must item for travelers to Hiroshima. We have 900 Okonomiyaki shops in Hiroshima city.  
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CARP (Professional Baseball Team) -- Carp has been so special for Hiroshima people since the birth because Carp was born by the citizens hoping the post-war recovery. You can find Carp's logos anywhere in the town, such as convenience stores, restaurants, beers, street cars, etc.
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You may also be surprised to see fashionable Carp fans, especially Carp Jyoshi (girls) who all dress up with Carp uniforms & goods to pursue "KAWAII" culture regardless of the ages. Their stadium visit is included as free option in the Beauty and Culture Tour.
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The above elements are often seen through our tours. Please don't miss them during your stay.