FAQ (Q: Question / A: Answer)
Q1: What do you mean by "Free Wi-Fi"?
A1: Our conductor keeps our own high speed Wi-Fi rooter during the tours. You can use it for your e-mail and SNS all the way.
Q1: What is the minimum participant number?
A1: It's basically two people. However, if you want a solo private tour, we are willing to look at the feasibility. 
Q2: What is the maximum participant number?
A2: If the number of your group's participants exceeds the numbers shown in the price list, please contact us for the feasibility confirmation. We will provide you with our proposed itinerary and estimate containing more comfortable transportation ideas, such as chartered van or bus. 
Q3: What timing should I use to confirm our ages? 
A3: Please use your ages as of the tour date.
Q1: Where should we meet on the tour day?
A1: The meeting point is just in front of the Shinkansen (Super Express) gate on Hiroshima Station 2F. Our conductor has a paper written your names.
If you want our pickup services such as at hotel or cruising ship port, please contact us for estimate. If your hotel is located close to the station, it's free. The pickup services cost depends on how far it it.
If you want to begin the tour from different locations, please also contact us for the feasibility confirmation. We are willing to accommodate your reqiests.
such as Hiroshima port for cruising ships, we'll accommodate the customer requests as much as possible. 
Our contract document will re-confirm the location/time in any cases. Please see Hiroshima station layout for more details.
Q1: What payment methods are available?
A1: Please pay by cash (JPY) on site before departure. As an option, credit card payment through PayPal in advance is also available. 
Q2Is any smart phone settlement available?
A2: Sorry, it's not available yet.
Q1: What should I do if I want to change the tours or dates after the contract completion?
A1: Changes made after the contract document is issued are regarded as "cancel the original tour" and "newly book a different tour" by the Japanese tourism regulations. However, we will try to accommodate your change free as long as the change does not cause any penalty problems at our end such as advanced booking of mini van or facilities.
Q1: What should I do if I want to cancel the tour booked?
A1: Please contact us immediately. Please go to this link for more details of the cancellation fee.
Please feel free to contact us for any questions. We'll find the best way for our customers.
Baggage Room (2F) next to Meeting Point at North Gate