BIRTH OF HIROSHIMA -- Hiroshima literally means "a broad island". The origin of Hiroshima dates back to 1589 when Mori Terumoto, a feudal lord, began the construction of Hiroshima Castle in the largest delta island and newly named here as Hiroshima.
THREE DRAMATIC HISTORIES -- Hiroshima has some dramatic stories.
1) Hiroshima castle had three lords for the first 28 years due to political reasons (Approx. 400 years ago)
  • Mori Terumoto built Hiroshima Castle  in 1591. The battle of Sekigahara, where  Japan was divided into 2 troops, broke out. He lost and had to leave the castle in 9 years.
  • Fukushima Masanori become the 2nd feudal lord in 1600. However, he was blamed for breaking the Samurai rules in his castle stone wall work. He was demoted and left in 19 years.
  • Asano Nagaakira became the 3rd feudal lord in 1619. The Asano Clan retained control of the castle for 250 years until the end of the Samurai period.
​Samurai life had significant ups and downs for political reasons. You can see the history.
hiroshima castle001-600.jpg
Hiroshima Castle
Hirohima tour as Hirosima Castle
Stonewall broken by Fukushima Masanori
2) Hiroshima was acting as the Capital of Japan (approx. 150 years ago)
  • In Meiji Era (after the Samurai Period), the imperial headquarters with Supreme Military Command moved into Hiroshima for Sino-Japanese war. The Japan cabinet was temporarily set up with the Diet building here. Hiroshima acted as the capital of Japan.
  • The foundation stones of the headquarters where the Meiji Emperor lived can be seen near Hiroshima castle keep. 
  • Miyajima is famous for rice scoops. While the positive side of the reasons is described in general, a sad story is concealed in the history of dispatching solders overseas from here. Let's check it out with Hiroshima Local Tours! 
Hiroshima tour as Hirohima castle
Foundation stone of the imperial headquarters
Hiroshima tour as Rice scooping
Rice scoops
3) Atomic Bomb in 1945 (approx. 75 years ago)
Hiroshima was the first city in the world to be hit with an atomic bomb on August 6, 1945. Surprisingly the former Bank of Japan, Hiroshima Branch, 380m from the hypo-center, resumed its operation in 2 days although the 2nd and 3rd floors were completely devastated. The street car resumed its transportation service in 3 days. Their bravery encouraged the citizens very much. Our tour visits the key facilities.