One-Day Miyajima, Peace Memorial Park & Hiroshima Castle Tour

Visit two world heritage sites and Hiroshima Castle efficiently on the same day! 
Tour Overview
  • Visit "Must See Spots" in Hiroshima:
    • Miyajima (World Heritage)
    • Atomic Bomb Dome (World Heritage), Peace Memorial Park and Museum
    • Hiroshima Castle
  • 5 Packages (A, C, D, E & F) available:
    • A Package (Guide Only) : Other expenses than guiding fee for both you and guide are excluded
    • C Package (Fun) : A + Transportation + Admission + Cultural Experiences + Safety enhancement + video diary)
    • D Package (Taxi) : C + Taxi to eliminate walks (20 min.). 
    • E Package (JR fare): C + JR fare (If you have no JR Rail Pass, please choose this)
    • F Package (JR fare): D + JR fare (If you have no JR Rail Pass, please choose this)
              Please see what are included in the following table:  
Tour Prices (JPY)
  • Adults (12 years old or above) :
  • Children (6 to 11 years old) and Infants (0 to 5 years old) :
  • Max. Capacity: 10 people including adults, children & infants. If more than 10, please contact us for suggestion (e-mail: hiroshimalocaltours@gmail.com) . We might need a chartered bus.
Itinerary (approx. 8 hours)
【Hiroshima station/Meeting Point <-- (train & ferry boat) --> Miyajima】
  • Itsukushima Shrine and torii (60 min)
  • Daishoin Temple (45 min.)
  • 5-storied Pagoda and Omotesando street (45 min.)
【Miyajima -- (ferry boat, train & walk (or taxi in Taxi Package) --> Hiroshima Castle】
  • Hiroshima Castle (15 min.)
【Hiroshima Castle <-- (walk (or taxi in Taxi Package)) --> Ground Zero】
  • Ground Zero & Peace Memorial Park (45 min.)
  • Peace Memorial Museum (45 min.)
【Museum <-- (bus) --> Hiroshima Station】
Other Information
  • Meeting Point: Hiroshima Station 2F Shinkansen Exit
  • Pickup Service: If you want hotel/port pick-up services, please let us know
  • Starting Time: 9:00 a.m. (adjustable depending on customers desires)
  • Payment: JPY cash on site (option: credit card through PayPal in advance)
  • Min. Number of participants: 2 adults (For a solo traveler, please contact for estimates)
  • Tour conductor: 1 person
  • Responsibility: Planned and conducted by Hiroshima Local Tours
Miyajima -- Visit Miyajima, the island of Gods, to watch the floating Itsukushima Shrine and enjoy Daishoin Temple founded 1,200 years ago. You will better understand Japanese cultures by knowing how Japanese ancient people co-lived with Shinto and comparing Shrine and temple.

Note: Torii gate is under renovation work for the first time in 70 years (expected completion in 2023) 
Daishoin Temple
Atomic-Bomb Dome, Cenotaph for the Atomic-Bomb Victims, Peace Memorial Museum and other monuments - We go through the key monuments, offer your folded paper crane there, then enter Hiroshima Memorial Museum. For more details, please click here.
Atomic Bomb Dome
Cenotaph for the victims of the Atomic Bomb
Folded Paper Cranes
Peace Memorial Park Overview
Hiroshima Castle -- Visit the beautiful castle and take your photos with the beautiful castle. We don't enter the tower due to restricted time. If you would like to enter the tower, please join the half-day Hiroshima Downtown tour.
Castle Tower
Carp in mort
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