Miyajima Tour + Night Sightseeing Boat Tour

This is a combination of the Miyajima Island & Torri Gate (Otorii) at Sun-Set, and Illuminated at Night Tour, on the night sightseeing boat tour.
Visit Miyajima Island, which is a World Cultural Heritage site.  Enjoy Itsukushima Shrine, Daisho-in Temple, the Five-Storied Pagoda, etc in the daytime and watch the real beauty of the Torii Gate (Otorii) emerge when illuminated in the evening. Most visitors never get to experience this gorgeous moment.
As the sun begins to set, you will get on board the night sightseeing boat and approach the Torii Gate (Otorii) from the sea, just like the Japanese originally did for worshiping at this sacred island.
New Experiences
  • Visit Miyajima, a World Cultural Heritage
  • Enjoy both the famous Torii Gate (that is seen in all famous photographs of Japan) and also the Itsukushima Shrine from the night sightseeing boat
  • Discover "Wa" through:
       - In depth learning of Japanese Cultural practices at shrines vs. temples
       - Enjoy the beauty of Japan which has been developed over the centuries at the Shrine & Temple
Private Tour Prices (JPY)
  • Adults & Children (12 years old or above) - Please refer to the prices per person based on the number of participants in the price list
  • Children (5 to 11 years old) - Please add JPY 1,500 / person
  • Infants (Newborn to 4 years old) - Please add JPY 500 / person for the first infant. From the 2nd infant, please add JPY 1,500 / person
  • All-Inclusive - Our tour is ALL INCLUSIVE. It includes all you need: transportation and admission fees
  • If you have a JR West Pass, you can use it to reduce the cost of the tour. If you don't have the JR West Pass which covers the Hiroshima area, JPY 1,200 for the Adults and Children (12 years old or above) and JPY 600 for the Children (6 to 11 years old) is required respectively.
  • Please contact us if you want customize the time, contents and prices. We'll see what can be done separately.
  • For more details about what else is included in the tour, please check out the brochures shown below:
Night Sightseeing Boat approaching the famous Torii Gate (Otorii) - In times gone by, the Japanese used to approach the sacred island of Miyajima and they would pass through the Torri Gate (Otorii) to worship on the Island. If we are lucky, and the sea is at high tide, the boat will  pass through the Torri Gate (Otorii) opening. The night sightseeing boat is included at the end of the day.
(Video source: http://www.aqua-net-h.co.jp/sanpai/)
Night sightseeing boat
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