Miyajima Tour

Visit Miyajima, a World Cultural Heritage site, enjoy Itsukushima Shrine, Daishoin Temple, Five-Storied Pagoda, etc. in the daytime and watch the real beauty of the Torii Gate (Otorii) which emerges as the sun begins to set. Most visitors to Japan never get to experience this mystical moment.
New Experiences
  • Visit Miyajima, World Cultural Heritage
  • Enjoy the Torii Gate (Otorii) and Shrine as day transitions into night
  • Discover "Wa" through:
       - In depth learning of Japanese cultural routines at shrines and temples
       - The beauty of Japanese shrines and temples which has developed through the ages
Private Tour Prices (JPY)
  • Adults & Children (12 years old or above) - Please refer to the prices per person based on the number of participants in the price list
  • Children (6 to 11 years old) - Please add JPY 500 / person
  • Infants (Newborn to 5 years old) - Please add JPY 500 / person
  • All-Inclusive - Our tour is ALL INCLUSIVE. It includes all you need: transportation and admission fees 
  • If you have a JR West Pass, you can use it to reduce the cost of the tour. If you don't have the JR West Pass which covers the Hiroshima area, JPY 1,200 for the Adults and Children (12 years old or above) and JPY 600 for Children (6 to 11 years old) is required respectively
  • Please contact us if you want to customize the time, contents and prices. We'll review what can be done separately. 
  • For more details about what else is included in the tour, please see the brochures shown below:
Itsukushima Shrine - We enjoy the shrine and Otorii in very interesting ways.
  • Beauty of the shrine and Torii Gate (Otorii) -- Both reflected  and direct views of the shrine and Torii Gate (Otorii) are incredibly beautiful. At Sunset the views become spectacular as the fading light mystically transforms you to another time. Because most visitors to Itsukushima visit during the day, they never get to experience this transformative experience.
  • There are many interesting sights we will see before reaching the shine, ancient statues, historical monuments, Komainu (Tibetan Mastiff - Lion dog) and Japanese crows. The trip to Itsukushima offers a world of sightseeing opportunities. None of them will be overlooked.
  • The secrets of the Torii Gate (Otorii) and the shrine standing in the sea – This tour will identify the  secrets hidden in both the Torii Gate and Itsukushima Shrine - using illustrations. Very clever ideas have been implemented to allow them to survive for such a long time.
  • Worship at the shrine – If you are interested, the tour will teach you to participate in the original shrine worship practices. It's a fun experience to better understand the Japanese culture. During the visit, we will explain the shrine’s good luck charms and interesting items hidden inside and outside the shrine. We will also randomly draw our fortune at an Omikuji (i.e., fortune teller) stand, where, for a small donation, you can pick a random fortune – just like the Japanese do.  But, be careful! – some fortunes are good, and other fortunes are not so good!
Daishoin Temple - Daishoin is a very mysterious temple which was built 1,200 years ago. This temple has incorporated many interesting features. This tour will go into all of the ancient mysteries and features.  It would be very unfortunate if you visited Daishoin Temple and missed the nuances.
  • Very unique statues -- You can find thousands of Jizo, Rakan, Daio, Tengu and Butsuzo statues in the local area. Some statues are children, animals and there are even more recent Japanese animation (anime) characters. Some of the older statues date back 1,200 years ago. It's fun to find your most favorite one among them
  • Power Spots / Spiritual Spots -- Daishoin Temple has many power spots also known as spiritual spots, where you can feel in-tune with nature. We will visit the spots and you can see if you experience any feelings. The Power / Spiritual Spots are to make our wishes come true according to old traditions.
  • Worship at the temple -- You can light incense sticks for purification and candles to help illuminate the way to Buddha, and then approach the statue of Buddha. The temple worship traditions are completely different from the shrine traditions. We will experience both of them.
  • Buddhism training -- Buddhists believe that walking in a 30 foot (10 m) long, dark tunnel would atone for your past sins.  On this tour you will have the opportunity to visit the tunnel. But, don’t be afraid – the visit to the tunnel is just for fun.
Streets in Miyajima - We walk through the old streets. On the way, you'll see the integration of the Japanese nostalgic town and the wild deer. They may think themselves as human being.
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