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One-Day Shukkeien, Hiroshima Castle,
Atomic Bomb Dome & Town Tour

Visit Shukkeien Japanese garden, Hiroshima Castle (enter the tower), go to the Atomic Bomb Dome and other monuments in Peace Memorial Park, then walk through the most lively area of Hiroshima
Tour Overview
  • Visit "Three famous sightseeing places in the downtown" shown below:
    • Shukkeien - Enjoy Japanese beautiful Garden opened 400 years ago and feed hungry Carp
    • Atomic Bomb Dome, Peace Memorial Park & Museum - Visit the world heritage site
    • Hiroshima Castle - Enjoy the beautiful castle and Samurai stories
  • Enter the Castle Tower to watch the city view from the observatory (top of the tower)
  • Enjoy the most lively shopping street after vising a few A-Bombed buildings out of the park 
  • 2 Packages (A & C) available:
    • A Package (Private Guide Tour) : Other expenses than guiding fee for both you and guide are excluded
    • C Package (All-Inclusive + Video Diary) : A Package + Transportation + Admission + Safety Enhancement + Cultural Experience + Video diary
              Please see what are included in the following table: ​​​​
Tour Prices (JPY)
  • Adults & Children (12 years old or above) :
    • Solo traveler course is available
    • US$ prices are shown at 130/$ for reference

  • Children (6 to 11 years old) and Infants (0 to 5 years old) :
  • 1/ To be counted as the number of adults in A Package (Guide Only)
    • Max. Capacity : 10 people including adults, children & infants. If more than 10, please contact for suggestion (e-mail:
    Itinerary (approx. 7 hours)
    【Hiroshima Station <-- (bus) --> Shukkeien
    • Shukkeien Japanese garden (45 min.)
    【Shukkeien <-- (bus) --> Hiroshima Castle】
    • Hiroshima Castle (60 min.)
    【Hiroshima Castle <-- (walk or bus) --> Ground Zero
    • Lunch (60 min)
    • Ground Zero (10 min)
    • Atomic Bomb Dome / Peace Memorial Park  (35 min.)
    • Peace Memorial Museum (45 min.)
    【Peace Memorial Museum 】<-- (walk) --> Other A-bombed buildings out of park】
    • Former Hiroshima Branch of Japan Bank (20 min)
    • Fukuromachi Elementary School (20 min)
    【Fukuromachi Elementary School<-- (walk) --> Hacchoubori】
    • Hondori Shopping Street (30 min)
    【Hacchobori<-- (bus or street car) --> Hiroshima Station
    Other Information
    • Meeting Point: Hiroshima Station 2F Shinkansen Exit
    • Pickup Service: If you want hotel/port pick-up services, please let us know
    • Starting Time: 9:00 (adjustable depending on customers desires)
    • Payment: Cash in JPY currency
    • Min. Number of participants: 1 adult
    • Tour conductor: 1 person
    • Responsibility: Planned and conducted by Hiroshima Local Tours
    Atomic Bomb Dome, Cenotaph for the Atomic-Bomb Victims, Peace Memorial Museum and other monuments - We go through the key monuments, offer your folded paper crane at the monument, then visit Hiroshima Memorial Museum. For more details, please click here.
    Atomic Bomb Dome
    Cenotaph for the victims of the Atomic Bomb
    Folded Paper Cranes
    Peace Memorial Park Overview
    Hiroshima Castle -- Visit the beautiful castle, explore the hidden histories in the precinct and Samurai, then enjoy the city views from the observation deck of the tower.
    Hiroshima Castle Tower
    Samurai fit
    Hiroshima Castle Observation Deck
    Hiroshina city view
    Shukkeien -- Visit the oldest Japanese garden in Hiroshima. It was built as a villa of the feudal Lord in a command of this area about 400 years ago. You will enjoy not only see the beautiful circuit-styled garden, but also feed hungry carp. They are waiting for you.
    Feed carp
    Tea House in Shukkeien Garden
    Shukkeen Garden
    Shukkeien Garden
    Shukkeien Garden
    Shukkeien Garden
    Seasonal flowers
    Shukkeien Garden Sakura
    Former Hiroshima Branch of Japan Bank -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
    Fukuromach Elementary School -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
    Hondori Shopping Street -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
    1. Please send us the following to our e-mail address:
      • Tour name
      • Tour date
      • Participant numbers (adults/children/infants)
      • Inquiry if any
    2. We send you our proposed itinerary and estimate for review
    3. Your concurrence on the contents
    4. We send you the contract document for finalization
    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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