Seasonal Beauty

Four Seasons -- Local people enjoy Japan's seasonal beauty, Sakura blossom and shining greenery in spring, Seto Island Sea and fireworks in summer, red leaves in autumn and street Illumination in winter.  Hiroshima Local Tours accommodates what the local people love on a timely basis. 

SAKURA BLOSSOM AND SHINING GREENERY IN SPRING -- We have a lot of places to view Sakura blossom and its illumination. Sakura Storm is the climax to tell the end of Sakura season. Our tours covers Sakura viewing in the season. 

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SEA BREEZE AND FIREWORKS IN SUMMER -- Seto Inland Sea provides you with summer beauty in the comfortable sea breeze. You'll be healed by the beautiful islands, blue sea and its wave sound. The very special last show is the golden sunset. Fireworks are held on limited days in summer. 

Tobishima Kaido in Seto Inland Sea
Tobishima Kaido in Seto Inland Sea
Fireworks in summer

RED LEAVES IN AUTUMN -- Red leaves can be seen instantly in the downtown through the Beauty and Culture Tour. If you want, the private tour can be connected to the gorgeous illumination show held in Shukkeien Garden. We can design the whole day more efficiently per your preference. 

Mitaki Temple in autumn
Mitaki Temple

STREET ILLUMINATION IN WINTER -- Hiroshima city is dressed up with illuminations in winter. The most massive decoration is Dreamination held on the Peace Boulevard for two months. Enjoy the beautiful nights of Hiroshima after your private tour!

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Hiroshima Dreamination