Saijyo is well known for Sake, one of the Japan top 3 Sake towns. The sake served at dinner held by Japan Prime Minister Abe for Former US President Obama is from Saijyo. 
(See Kamotsuru homepage:
There are seven sake breweries within a 15-minute-walking distance in Saijyo. The streets are lined with the beautiful white walls and red-brick chimneys, telling us of their long histories. 
During Sake making season, white steam comes out of their buildings in the morning, and the good sake brew aroma is adrift  in the street all the day. 
We walk around the Sake breweries to:
  • Compare the different brands and find your most favorite through sake tasting
  • Learn how to make Sake
  • Enjoy traditional Sake town scenery
We also visit Matsuo / Mitate Shrines where God of Sake is enshrined to deep dive into Japan cultures.
New Experiences
  • Sake tasting at Sake town
  • Japan cultures at shrines
Tour Prices (JPY/person)
  • Adult: 8,000 (3 persons~) / 7,000 (5 persons~) / 6,000 (8 persons~)
  • Spouse or kid above 11 years old: 500 off
  • Kid from 6 to 11 years old: 1,000
  • Infant from 0 to 5 years old: 500
  • The number of participants mean the total of adults, spouses and kid above 11 years old
  • JPY 1,000 to be deducted from adult if you have JR West Railroad Pass