Other Sightseeing Spots to visit from Hiroshima

There are various kinds of events taking place in Hiroshima, such as Japanese festivals held at shrines & temples, history-related events and new events (e.g., Kendama (Cup and Ball) World Cup, FIES (urban sports)). 
MITAMA FESTIVAL  (May) -- It is held by Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine located at the center of Hiroshima. The very interesting programs for visitors will be Miko Dance performed by 100 Miko girls and Kagura professionally playing Japanese ancient dramas in the precincts at night. Both are very powerful, splendid and amazing.

Miko is a shrine maiden consecrated to gods at shrine, wearing white top and red skirt. You will rarely see events that so many Mikos are attending together. The Kagura was performed by Takasaru-Kaguradan, and the program contents vary, depending on years.

Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine homepage: https://www.h-gokoku.or.jp/
Takasaru Kaguradan FB:  https://www.facebook.com/%E9%AB%98%E7%8C%BF%E7%A5%9E%E6%A5%BD%E5%9B%A3-659627360872496/
TOUKASAN (June) -- TOUKASAN is one of the three major festivals of Hiroshima and also known as the YUKATA festival born in 400 years ago. YUKATA is a kimono of lightweight cotton, like a summer robe. Hiroshima people begin wearing the YUKATA from this day on. It is the summer festival to tell people of the arrival of summer.

It takes place at the first weekend every June for 3 days from Friday. The YUKATA set including the YUKATA, band and Japanese sandals is available at department stores even at $50 recently. You can get it and participate in the Japanese summer festival.

TOUKASAN homepage:   hhttp://www.toukasan.jp/omatsuri.html
DREAMINATION: STREET ILLUMINATION IN WINTER (November ~ January) -- Hiroshima city is dressed up with night illuminations in winter. The most massive decoration is the "Dreamination" held by the city of Hiroshima along the Peace Boulevard. Please enjoy the beautiful nights of Hiroshima after your private tour. It takes place during the period from mid November till early January every year, and should be very close from your hotel. Needless to say, it's free of charge.

Dreamination homepage: https://www.dreamination.com/
AUTUMN LEAVES ILLUMINATION AT SHUKKEIEN (November) -- The autumn leaves illumination is incredibly awesome and beautiful. It takes place for about 10 days at Shukkeien. As it's held by the city of Hiroshima, the admission fee is more than reasonable. You can re-use the admission ticket you used in the daytime. Please do not miss it.
FIRE WALK AT DAISHOIN TEMPLE & DAIGAN TEMPLES (April & November) -- The very powerful events take place at two temples in Miyajima, at Daishoin Temple in April / November and at Daiganji Temple in November .

After the priests walk on the smoldering charcoal, their believers follow them. If you have nothing to feel guilty about, you won't feel any heat, they say. They kindly allow any tourists to join the lines. You can confirm whether you feel heat or not. Please have them drive away your sins by fires if necessary. The line continues to walk with many participants for an hour. If you join our Miyajima tour on the same day, we can adjust the itinerary to this.
NIGHT ILLUMINATION - FLOWER FESTIVAL AT PEACE MEMORIAL PARK (May) -- The night illumination takes place at Peace Memorial Park during the May 3~5 Flower Festival.

The lantern floating, a massive event to float lanterns with individual's own peace messages on Motoyasu river in front of the A-Bomb Dome, also takes place. Usually many people from over all the world attend it. It was held on line last year due to the corona pandemic, but is expected to resume in a normal practice. You can get your own lantern on site and float with your message in the river without any reservation.

Night Illumination
Lantern Floating
Peace Lantern floating