Upcoming Events in Hiroshima
Cherry Blossom Watching
Late March ~ Early April, 2020
The cherry blossoms are expected to bloom one week earlier than usual. Cherry trees are said to have started blooming when five or six flowers blossom on sample trees. The tree is located in Shukkeien Garden in Hiroshima. The latest forecast announced a few days ago says that it will start on 3/20 and reach the peak on March 31. Please don't miss the short period.
Unfortunately many events related to the cherry blossom, such as Sakura Illumination, Sakura Festivals, would be cancelled due to the COVID 19 virus issues this year across Japan, but you can very much enjoy watching the unchanged beauty this year. 
Hiroshima Dreamination (Illumination)
November 15, 2019 ~ January 3, 2020  17:30~22:30
The massive and powerful illumination will come back to downtown Hiroshima again. The Peace Boulevard, Alice Garden and other shopping streets are gorgeously dressed up with 1.4 millions of LED lights. Last year approx. 672,000 visitors enjoyed the fantasy world. 
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Hiroshima Illumination (Dreamination)
Hiroshima Illumination (Dreamination)
Fude Matsuri (Brush Festival)
September 23 at Kumano Town
Kumano Town (40 min drive from the center of Hiroshima) is famous for the largest producer (80%) of brushes in Japan. Their product line-up covers a variety of brushes from calligraphy brushes to make-up brushes, having many lovers including American movie actresses.
Many interesting events are scheduled for the day, such as calligraphy performances using a large cloth equal to 20 tatami mats and Higanbune which is a festival float shaped like a fishing boat. There are a lot of stalls to sell a variety of foods as well.
Date and time: September 23, 10:00 ~ 17:00 am
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Fude Festival
Fude Festival
Hiroshima Bon Dance
August 10 & 11, 2019 at the old Hiroshima Citizen Stadium (next to SOGO)
Bon is a four-day Buddhist festival, usually from August 13th through 16th. During the period, spirits of the dead are said to return to their former homes and families. People light lanterns to guide the spirits and perform Bon dances to entertain them. The Bon dances have still been held by local communities when Bon comes along. Considering the public convenience, it tends to take place a little earlier than Bon holidays recently because many people go back to their home town during the Bon holidays.
The Hiroshima Bon Dance written here is held on a larger basis. It was originated in August 1946, one year after the Atomic Bombing, as War Victims Memorial Bon Dance Festival to wish for peace and restoration. It revived last year as Hiroshima Bon Dance. This is expected to become the enjoyment for international travelers as well, because the dance is quite simple and anyone can join the dance performances without entry.
Date and time: August 6, 2019  16:30 ~ 21:30 am
For more details, please click here and also here for learning how to dance. 
Bon Dance
Bon Dance
Lantern Floating Ceremony in Mitoyasu River
August 6, 2019 nearby the Atomic Bomb Dome
"Toro Nagashi (Lantern Floating Ceremony)" as a memorial service for Atomic Bomb Victims is held nearby the dome in Motoyasu River. Various people gather and write their wishes for peace and float them down the river. You can buy the lantern by some donation on the site, so you don't need to make any advanced preparation for the participation. 
Date and time: August 6, 2019  18:00 ~ 21:30 am
For more details, please click here for some videos. 
Lantern floating at Peace Memorial Park
Lantern floating at Peace Memorial Park
Peace Memorial Ceremony
August 6, 2019
The Peace Memorial Ceremony is held by the city of Hiroshima to console the soul of the Atomic Bomb Victims and pray for lasting peace of the world in front of the cenotaph, the main monument of the Peace Memorial Park. Tens of thousands of visitors not only from Japan but also all over the world gather to attend the ceremony.
Date and time: August 6, 2019  08:00 ~ 08:45 am
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Peace Memorial Ceremony
Peace Memorial Ceremony
2019 Hiroshima Yume Wireworks Festival
July 27, 2019 in Ujina district (Hiroshima Sea Port area)
The Fireworks Festival will has come back with 10,000 launches of fireworks since 2017. It was cancelled due to serious mudslides and flooding disasters occurred in various portions in Hiroshima prefecture last year. The opening event begins at 7:00 pm, then the fireworks begin at 8:00 pm for a hour.  
Cars are not allowed to enter the restricted area around Ujina port. So, you need to take buses and street cars. For more details, please click here. 
Fireworks in Hiroshima
Fireworks in Hirshima
Kangensai Festival
July 19, 2019 on Miyajima Island
The Kangensai Festival is the largest annual festival held by the Itsukushima Shrine. The kangen means court music played with three strings, three drums and three flutes. You can listen to the authentic music closely. Once a year, the object of worship for Miyajima's goddesses go out of the shrine building by the portable shrine, go around several shrines by boat and come back to the Itsukushima Shrine at the midnight. If you stay a little late, you can participate in the lantern procession together with the local people.
​Don't worry. Additional ferry boats and JR trains are specially made available late on this day, so you can return to Hiroshima.
For more details, please click here for website and here for some videos. 
Kangen festival on Miyajima
Kagensai Festival on Miyajima
Hiroshima Night Cruising
July 13 ~ Oct 31, 2019 at Ujima Port
The night of Hiroshima becomes gorgeous with summer illumination set up by buildings, factories, hotels and bridges along the Hiroshima bay during this period.
6 sea routes from Hiroshima Ujina Port are available to watch them, offering special cruising dinners or one coin fare. Please enjoy the beauty together with the great sunset, feeling the sea breeze in the Seto Inland Sea.
Hiroshima Local Tours can either provide you with the best connection to the departure time after your tour or accommodate it in the one day tour, depending on your choice.
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Sumiyoshi Festival (called as Sumiyoshi-san)
July 16 & 17, 2019 at Sumiyoshi Shrine
The Sumiyoshi Festival known as "Sumiyoshi-san" is one of the top 3 summer festivals held in Hiroshima. The Sumiyoshi Shrine enshrines a great guardian god for ship safety and its summer festival is a ritual to get rid of the evil spirits that you carry on your back and let you overcome the tough summer season by avoiding serious diseases.
You will enjoy Kagura (Japanese old dancing) and the typical Japanese street stalls such as goldfish scooping & takoyaki. The following activities to purify yourself might be very interesting for you.
Chinowa Kuguri - You go through the 3m-high ring 3 times
Doll floating - You can transfer your misfortune to dolls made of paper then throw them into the river, which would provide spiritual protection and good luck.
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sumiyoshi festival
sumiyoshi festival
sumiyoshi festival
sumiyoshi festival