April 6, 2019 - Hiroshima scenery photo albums are created. The 1st album title is the Peace Memorial Park. Please visit and enjoy them regardless of your visit. The addition of new photos to to the existing albums and new albums will continuously be made. (April 6, 2019) 
March 20, 2019 - Special Prices for solo traveler. Even if you are alone, you can take your private tours at attractive prices now. Please check out the three tours
  • #09 Peace Memorial Park and Miyajima One Day Tour: JPY 29,000 --> 22,000
  • #07 Miyajima Tour with Mr. Misen Climbing: JPY 29,500 --> 25,000
  • #14 Submarine and Sake Tour: JPY 29,000 --> 24,000
#08 Mt. Misen climbing tour with Full Option was deleted from the menu (March 20, 2019) 
March 15, 2019 - Quick Learning for International Travelers Update with "SLURP MAKES NOODLES MORE TASTY". Please practice to make the slurping sounds so that you can look cool(March 15, 2019) 
March 8, 2019Quick Learning for International Travelers Update with "How to enjoy Japanese castles". Please share the blog with your friends who are interested in Japanese castles. The castles are full of the secrets. 
March 5, 2019Sakura blossom forecast updated. Weather Map, one of the most famous weather forecast companies, updated the Sakura bloom dates yesterday: the first bloom on 3/23 and the peak bloom on 4/1. Please do not miss the most beautiful season in Hiroshima. All of our tours (except for the sunset cruising tour) will cover the Sakura blossom in the itineraries.  (March 5, 2019) 
February 15, 2019 - Local Festival Information. The two exciting festivals are scheduled for March and April in Miyajima. Our Miyajima tour will accommodate their most exiting time. Please don't miss them!
  • Kiyomori Festival (March 24) - The procession by hundreds of people in Heian kimono costume lasts for two hours.
  • Fire Walk at Dishoin Temple (April 15) - Hundreds of people walk on fire. Visitors can also join it.
People in Heian Kimono
Fire Walking
February 12, 2019Quick Learning for International Travelers updated. Hina Doll take your misfortune. Doll Festival is not only to pray for girls' health and happiness. Check it out! 
February 6, 2019 - Quick Learning for International Travelers updated. Can you distinguish Plum, Peach and Sakura? They are the top 3 spring flowers in Japan.
February 4, 2019Tour prices updated for Private Tours. More reasonable pricing structure was implemented with private tours. Now it's very clear and easy to see the tour prices. You can also participate alone. Please visit our tour brochures and be surprised by the all-in-one pricing.
February 4, 2019 - Submarine and Sake Tour (Tour #14) newly added. Kure flourished with shipbuilding as the greatest naval port city in the East Asia. Its long history partially remains unchanged as marine cultures in this town. Please visit and experience the amazing scenery. The booking can be made immediately and the tour starts on February 13th (Wednesday).
February 4, 2019Quick Learning for International Travelers updated with 3 articles. What is "GIRI-CHOCO" for St. Valentin's Day?  What are Japanese Traditional Festivals?  Why do Japanese love Sakura so much?
January 18, 2019Miyajima Tour with Mt. Misen Climbing is not available during the period from 2/12 to 3/1 because the rope way is out-of-services for its periodical inspection
January 18, 2019 - Minimum Participant Number updated to 2 adults for greater customer convenience in most of the tours. Please check it out in the brochures. 
January 7, 2019 - Sake Brewery Tour (Tour #13) newly added. Sake brewing work has started with new rice in Saijyo, one of the Japan three Sake Capitals. The new tour takes you through the breweries for the sake tasting and enjoy the attractive sake town scenery.
December 24, 1018 - Office will be closed during the period from December 28, 2019 till January 6, 2019. E-mail will be checked periodically but our prompt response may not be available during the period. (December 24, 2018)
December 19, 2018Cancellation policy updated. No cancellation fee is required if a client inform us of the cancellation by 2 days prior to the departure date. If the tour involves either accommodation or chartered bus booking, it still follows the original cancellation policy shown in the terms and conditions.
December 11, 2018 - Two new tours added. Miyajima/Illumination Tour combined with Night Sightseeing Boat Tour and Zen Meditation Tour combined with Temple/Shrine Tour for upgrade. 
In the former, you can close the day by approaching the Otorii from the sea in the illumination just like people did in the past for worshiping at the sacred island. In the latter, you can dive into Japanese cultures after Zen Meditation. Please enjoy our "Only-One" tours. 
December 6, 2018 - Weibo account of Hiroshima Local Tours opened 
December 2, 2018 - Autumn Illumination Tour with Kimono & Maccha service ended with the closure of the Shukkeien illumination event. You can still enjoy illumination with Dreamination in Hiroshima. 
November 16, 2018 -  Hiroshima Local Tours have got more tour alternatives with the wider price range based on the participant number. The prices vary by the number of you. This system offers you good opportunities to take more packages. Off course, our family discount is still valid. 
November 6, 2018 - Special Indemnification for your safety enhancement upgraded -- doubled from 15 mils to 30 mils / person with no price increases
The special indemnification is to save you and your family from unexpected accidents. JPY15 mils increased till JPY30 mils / persons based on our policy to care about our customers. Please be careful about the special indemnification when you book tour services.  
November 1, 2018Hiroshima Castle and Kimono/Tea Ceremony Tour released as the 5th simple package
A set of 3 activities (Hiroshima Castle expedition, Japan routine experiences in Gokoku Shrine and the authentic tea ceremony with Kimono at Shukkeitn) was combined as the 5th simple package for easy participation
October 20, 2018 - Autumn Illumination Tour (Kimono Experience and Maccha Service) set up the tour dates
Shukkeien made its announcement on the illumination event schedule. Hiroshima Local Tours included its Konomo experience and Maccha service in the original itinerary and newly set up the tour dates per the announcement. Watch out for the limited period! 
October 26, 2018Facebook page of Hiroshima Local Tours kicked of!
Facebook page of Hiroshima Local Tours was kicked off to introduce more local events and unique cultures, replacing the previous one.
October 18, 2018Four half-day tours (3~5 hours) newly added as simple packages!
You can take it as an independent tour or combine them to make your own tour as you like. Zazen (Zen Meditation) was spun off the full one day tour, and other three pursue Japan beauty. Don't miss them that can only be seen in Autumn.
Even if your preferred tour is not held on your preferred date, please contact us for the availability confirmation. Any questions are welcome.
October 11, 2018 - Save JP2,000/adult or upto 14% off! (Campaign ended)
Start-Up Campaign kicked off with Group Discount for non-Family Discount applicants.
Start-Up Campaign kicked off today!! If the total number of the participants as a group entry is 5 or more, JP2,000/adult discount is offered to all "non-Family Discount" applicants in all full one-day tours.
This means that you can get it together with your friends, while your spouse and kids are separately getting the family discounts.  Why don't you take this advantage for November tour which is the best of the best for seasonal beauty.  The campaign will continue for a while but may end without our advanced notification. 
Start up campaign.jpg
September 27, 2018Hiroshima Dreamination will be held for the period from November 17, 2018 till January 3, 2019 (17:30~22:30) on Peace Boulevard. It is a massive illumination event featuring trees decorated with colorful lights and giant sculptural monuments. The multicolored lights of approx. 1.4 million bulbs will create a fantastic fairy-tale world.
Mid to late November is the best of the best season to visit Hiroshima. Red leaves and associated illumination attracting everyone can be seen instantly even in the downtown. Don't miss it!
Home page: http://www.dreamination.com/