Nigitsu Shrine

Zen Meditation and Temple/Shrine Tour

This is a set of the 2-hour Zen Meditation Tour and the 2-hour Temple/Shrine Tour. After participate in Zazen (Zen Meditation) under the guidance by priest(s), we visit temple and shrines founded in Edo Samurai period to deep dive into Japanese cultures.
Don't worry, 30 min. of the lecture lets any beginners get ready for the Zen Meditation in advance. 
Zen was born 2,500 years ago in India and blossomed in Japan. It influenced Japan cultures, such as tea ceremony and Japanese cuisine. Zen lets you believe in yourself, know who you really are and live in your own way. You'll also practice Japanese routines at the temples and Shrines in different ways. It's not bad! 
New Experiences
  • Zazen at the authentic Zen Hall of Zen Temple with Buddhist priest as an "once in-a-lifetime" experience
  • Deep dive into Japan cultures by learning Japanese routines.
Private Tour Prices (JPY)
  • Adults & Children (12 years old or above) - Please refer to the prices per person based on the number of participants in the price list
  • Children & Infants (0 to 11 years old) - This tour is not recommended
  • All-Inclusive - Our tour is ALL INCLUSIVE. It includes all you need: zen practices
  • If you have a JR West Pass, you can use it to reduce the cost of the tour. If you don't have the JR West Pass which covers the Hiroshima area, JPY 500 for the Adults and Children (12 years old or above) is required.
  • For more details about what else is included in the tour, please check out the brochures shown below:
Zen Meditation
Don't worry. You will learn how to do Zen Meditation from Zen Temple for 30 min. before participating in the Zen Meditation with local Zen lovers. After the completion of the Zen Meditation, we have some time to communicate with the local people. It will be fun.
Shrine and Temple Visit
There are many shrines and temples behind Hiroshima Station. Why? The place is just to North East of Hiroshima Castle and called "Kimon" meaning the devils entrance. These famous shrines and temples were gathered to block the devils from coming into the castle.
After the zen meditation, we visit Toshogu Shrine where Tokugawa Ieyasu, the most famous Shogun who unified Japan, is enshrined, Nigitsu Shrine for Asano Clan, Hiroshima Feudal Lord and Miyojoin Temple. We enjoy these by taking the following:
  • Comparisons between shrines and temples -- They have typical layout of the shrine and temple. We go into the details of what they are and how they have evolved in Japan. It's interesting!
  • Worship at shrines and temple -- Let's worship at them, perfectly following the shrine and temple manners. You will see the uniqueness of Japan cultures through it. 
Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine
Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine
Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine
Tsuruhne Shrine
Myojoin Temple
Myojoin Temple
Nigitsu Shrine
Nigitsu Shrin
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