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Other Spots to visit from Hiroshima

Here are other sightseeing spots you may be interested in around Hiroshima city. They are well known by the Japanese people, but not known by overseas travelers yet.

SERA KOGEN FARM -- Sera Kogen in the northeast of Hiroshima prefecture has several sightseeing firms of flowers and fruits. The flower firms seasonally change their colorful dress with sunflower, dahlia, rose, moss phlox and nemophila, tulip, hydrangea and more. 

You need a rental car, but it's worth visiting. So beautiful.


Sunflower Festival
SANDANKYO GORGE -- With crystal-clear waters flowing through lush woodlands, Sandankyo Gorge attracts hikers in the fall and adventurers in the summer who can cool off in the river. There are also stunning waterfalls, caves, and hollows along the valley floor. There are two entrances for visitors from Hiroshima.

Enter from the front gate side
A bus leaves from Hiroshima Bus Center for the gorge. The journey takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes. After arriving at the bus terminal, Sandan Kyo. You are recommended to end the walks at the Kurobuchi Pool. It's an idyllic retreat of emerald green water that is so pure and clean. You can see the smooth stones that line the riverbed. There is a boat that can take you across the river to a small restaurant,

Enter from the Mizunashi gate side
You need a car ride to reach this side. This rout is more moderate, allowing you to visit the main fall.  

As the mountain passes often get closed to walk, please check on the status through the web before visiting.

SANDANKYO GORGE homepage:   h
RABBIT ISLAND -- The official name is OHKUNOJIMA, a small island with 4km circumference. Only 15 min. by the high speed boat from Tadanoumi Port in Takehara city. Amazingly about 600 friendly rabbits are waiting for you. Please do not forget to buy their vegetarian lunch at the convenience store next to the Tadanoumi station. 

If you have JR Rail pass, you can take Super Express train "Kodama" from Hiroshima to Mihara (30 min.), then a Kure line local train (20 min,) till Tadanoumi. The Tadanoumi Port is located behind the station. Alternatively you may want to take a high speed boat from Mihara Port. It is only available at weekend and holidays. 

OHKUNOJIMA homepage:
TAKEHARA: HISTORICAL LANDSCAPE PRESERVED DISTRICT -- These are many ancient houses remaining from Edo (Samurai) era in the district. Interestingly they are still in use and people peacefully live there. This is also famous for the location used for "Tamayura (anime) and "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (movie)".

You may want to stop by Takahara on your way back from the rabbit island to Hiroshima. Only 10 min local train from Tadanoumi to Takehara. From Takehara you can return to Hiroshima by either local trains via Mihara for super express or direct highway buses going to Hiroshima Bus Center at SOGO department store close to the peace memorial park.   

Takehara homepage:
Animetourism - Tamura:
KINTAI BRIDGE in Iwakuni City -- A five-connected wooden bridge stands there. Before passing through the bridge, you can go down and enjoy the beautiful wooden structures of the backside. If you have time, you may want to climb up to the mountain standing behind the bridge by cable car and visit Iwakuni Castle. Needless to say, the the landscape from the castle is wonderful.

You can go to Shin-Iwakuni from Hiroshima by Super Express (15 min.), then take either a local bus (15 min.) or taxi (10 min.) till the bridge.  

Kintaikyou homepage:
TOMONOURA in Fukuyama City -- This place flourished as a port town to wait for a favorable tide to set sail at the middle of the Seto Inland Sea where high tide comes from Pacific Ocean through both East (Osaka side) and West (Kyushu side) channels. They needed to wait there for a while until the tide direction changes.

People naturally gathered this place and built restaurants, houses, inns, temples and more. Many historical properties still remain from the Edo (samurai) era.

This place is also famous for the location of movies and TV dramas. The anime of "Ponyo" was born in such a nostalgic scenery. 

Take Super Express to Fukuyama from Hiroshima for 25 min., then 35 nin. by local buses. If you love walking in Japanese nostalgic sceneries, you may want to stop by Onomichi on your way back to Hiroshima. Super Express "Kodama" stops at Onomichi, then take a local bus or a taxi till the city center.

Tomonoura homepage:
Tomonoura Youbute:
Ponyo - Official Trailer:
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