Half-Day Miyajima Tour

Visit Miyajima, the Island of Gods, for half a day
Key Features
  • Visit the famous places in Miyajima (World Heritage) for half a day
    • Itsukushima Shrine - Enjoy the beautiful shrine floating in the sea
    • Daishoin Temple - Enjoy the 1,200-year histories and spiritual spaces​
  • Contents of 3 packages (A, B & C):
    • A (Guide Only Package) : Expenses such as transportation, admission, lunch for you and guide are not included.
    • B (Value Package) : A + All-Inclusive + Safety Enhancement + Digest Movie. No additional payment is required.
    • C (Fun Package) : B + Cultural Experiences (Simulate what local people do)
Tour Prices (JPY)
  • Adults & Children (12 years old or above) - Please refer to the following price lists
  • Children (6 to 11 years old) - Free at Package A (Guide Only Package). Please add JPY 500/person and 1,000/person to Package B and C respectively.
Itinerary (approx. 4.5~5 hours)
【Hiroshima Station/Meeting Point <-- (train & ferry boat) --> Miyajima】
  • Itsukushima Shrine and O-torii (60 min)
  • Daishoin Temple (45 min.)
  • 5-storied Pagoda, Senjyokaku & Omotesando street (45 min)
【Miyajima <-- (ferry boat & train) --> Hiroshima Station】
Other Information
  • Meeting Point: Hiroshima Station 2F Shinkansen Exit
  • Port Pickup Service: If you want hotel/port pick-up services, please let us know
  • Starting Time: 9:00 or 13:00 (adjustable depending on customers desires)
  • Payment: JPY cash on site (option: credit card through PayPal in advance)
  • Min. Number of participants: 2 adults or children (12 years old or above) - For a solo traveler, please contact for estimates.
  • Tour conductor: 1 person
  • Responsibility: Planned and conducted by Hiroshima Local Tours
Itsukushima Shrine - Visit the beautiful shrine designed in the Heian Palace style. We go through the Japanese cultures in depth and enjoy simulating what Japanese do.
O-Torii Gate
Worshp at Itsukushima Shrne
Itsukushima Shrine
Daishoin Temple - Visit the mysterious space made by its 1,200-year history. Enjoy the unique features available only at this temple and the comparisons with shrines..
Guchikiki Jizo
5-storied Pagoda, Omote Sando Street, etc - Enjoy the beautiful pagoda, the atmosphere in the typical Japanese sightseeing street. delicious local sweets and wild deer.
5-storied pagoda
Omotesando Street
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