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This sets forth the private policy in which Hiroshima Local Tours handles your Personal Identifiable Information (hereinafter referred to as the “PII”) provided by customers at the time of book or purchase of travel products, etc.


Intended Use of PII


Hiroshima Local Tours uses the PII for the purpose of contacting customers and, as necessary, to arrange for service delivery by transportation carriers, lodging operators and other vendors such as travel special indemnification companies in accordance with the travel and accommodations purchased by the customer (Note: The identity of primary transportation carriers, lodging operators and other vendors can be found in your contract document).


Furnishing of Personal Information to Third Parties


To the extent required in order to arrange for the delivery of the travel products purchased by a customer and to the extent required in order to secure insurance to cover our contractual liability as well as any expenses that may arise in the event of any contingency, Hiroshima Local Tours may electromagnetically furnish the following customer information to the relevant transportation carriers, lodging operators and insurance companies: customer name, gender, age, address, telephone number and/or e-mail address and passport number (only when required). The customer’s PII will not be furnished to third parties for any other reasons.


Emergency contacts


In order to prepare for contingencies during travel, including but not limited to illness and accidents, Hiroshima Local Tours may request personal information relating to customer emergency contacts during travel. Hiroshima Local Tours will use said personal information when Hiroshima Local Tours deems it necessary to do so in order to communicate with a customer’s emergency contacts in the event of illness or other unanticipated occurrence during travel. The customer is responsible for obtaining consent from his/her emergency contacts regarding the furnishing of the relevant personal information to Hiroshima Local Tours.

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