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Enjoy Hiroshima and Japanese Cultures
with Hiroshima Local Tours!

Hiroshima Private Guide Tour by Locals

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Hiroshima private guide tours

Hiroshima Private Guide Tours by Locals

Note: US$ is for reference only (@130/$)

Miyajima & Peace Memorial Park Tour

One-Day Miyajima and Peace Memorial Park Tour

(approx. 7 hours)

Visit two World Cultural Heritage sites in a day.


Please choose your favorite from 5 packages (A, B, C, D & E)

@JPY 4,000~38,600

(US$ 31~297)/person


Itsukushima shrine

Half-Day Miyajima Tour

(4.5 hours)

Visit Miyajima known as "God Island" and find the reason why.


Please choose your favorite from 5 packages (A, B, C, D & E)

@JPY 2,700~35,100

(US$ 21~270)/person


Ropeway in Miyajima

One-Day Miyajima & Mt. Misen Climbing Tour

(approx. 7 hours)

Enjoy the whole Miyajima by climbing Mt. Misen to watch the Michelin 3-star view. 


Please choose your favorite from 5 packages (A, B, C. D & E)

@JPY 5,000~44,600

(US$ 38~343)/person



Half-Day Shukkeien, Hiroshima Castle & Atomic Bomb Dome Tour (approx. 4~4.5 hours)

Visit Shukkeien, Hiroshima Castle and Peace Memorial Park. 


Please choose your favorite from 2 packages (A & C)

@JPY 2,700~33,000

(US$ 21~254)/person


Hiroshima Private Guide Sightseeing Tours by Locals 
We provide various private guide sightseeing tours departing from Hiroshima Station to efficiently visit the key sites, such as Miyajima, Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima Castle, Shukkeien. All tours are guided by locals to thoroughly enjoy Hiroshima and Japanese cultures through the hidden stories and interesting cultural exercises at each stop.
High Customer Satisfaction
Please go to the "What our customers say" tab summarizing the customer voices from both TripAdvisor and Viator websites.
Flexible Choices in Prices and Contents
For the diverse guest demands in prices and contents, five packages are available:
  • A package: Private Guide Tour
  • B Package: All-Inclusive Private Tour
  • C Package: B Package + Video Diary
  • D Package: B Package + Local JR fare (if you have no JR Rail Pass)
  • E Package: C Package + Local JR fare (if you have no JR Rail Pass)

Unique and Exclusive Services
Our tour prices include unique and exclusive services to maximize your enjoyment and enhance your travel safety in addition to common services. Personalized Video Diary is a good example and will be your lasting memories with your family and friends.  Please click on the "Service Included" tab in the menu for more details. 
Verbal Guide with Cartoon-like Illustrations & Photos
For a wide range of guests, such as young couple, elderly, family with kids and non-native English speakers, we use the "easy to understand" slides. It also helps native English speakers well understand unfamiliar cultures.  
Travel Business License
Our travel business license is given by Hiroshima Governor (Business License #3-431 in the Hiroshima Government approved list). We fully comply with the Japan Tourism Regulatory Requirements to support you and your safety during the tours.
Together with all the thoroughly planned itineraries and services of our tours to ensure our customers have the best journey possible, we also provide the following exclusive and highly appreciated service and coverage:
Production of Your Video Diary (Exclusive service) Available
  • We take your photos and videos during the tours and produce your video diary (mp4 video). Play them on your mobile phone and share with your friends!



Special Indemnification of Max. JPY 30,000,000/person (Exclusive service) Included
  • We ensure your safety enhancement against unexpected accidents by including the special Indemnification service (equivalent to US$ 230,000/person at 130/$). The privilege is applied to all the participants including children and infants.  
Other Reasons
1) More Cultural Experiences & "Easy to Understand" Slide:​
  • Interesting cultural experiences are included (e.g., Omikuji, incense stick & candle services, folded-paper crane workshop, local sweets, worship at shrine and temple and more)
  • "Easy to understand" slide with cartoon-like illustrations and photos is used during verbal guide (e.g., Samurai, Shinto, Emperor, festivals, annual events, etc.)
2) Customer-friendly Arrangements:
  • Free Cancellation till 24 hours before the tour date
  • Various packages available in prices and contents
  • The more adults you have, the lower per-person prices you get
  • Low price setting for children & infants
3) Robust Business Formalities:
  • Travel business license is given by Hiroshima Governor (full regulatory compliance)
  • Licensed conductor (customer safety protection & quality services)
4) Fully Customized Private Tours available at your requests:
  • Port pick-up services
  • Tailor-made tours including different timetable or destinations
For more details, please contact us by e-mail:
Home of two World Heritage Sites: the Atomic Bomb Dome and Miyajima
Hiroshima is home to two World Heritage Sites, the Atomic Bomb Dome and Miyajima (Itsukushima Shrine), which constantly stay at the top rank in the top 20 Must-See attractions awarded by inbound travelers by TripAdvisor.
2.7 million inbound travelers visited Hiroshima in 2019, a record high for 8 years straight, before Corona.
Hiroshima Name
Hiroshima name originates from the building of the Castle. When it was built on the largest delta island, this place was named "Hiroshima". "Hiro" means "wide" and "Shima" means "Island".
Hiroshima is also called "City of Water" with six rivers going through the central area and "Theater of Streetcars" with various streetcars from other cities running together in the town.
Cultural Diversity 
Hiroshima is known for its unique cultural diversity. Rich cultures were born by the long history from not only the ancestral belief but also the transition in the town roles. The small fishing village developed as a castle town in the Samurai era, a military city before the WWII and a city of peace after the war. Please see more information in the "Events and Cultures in Hiroshima" tab.
Beautiful Sceneries
Being surrounded on three sides by mountains and facing south toward the Seto Inland Sea, Hiroshima is blessed with beautiful sceneries. Miyajima is historically famous as the "Three Most Scenic Spots in Japan (the Nihon-Sankei)" and was considered to be a criterion of the Japanese sense of beauty to blend artificial objects in nature when designated to the World Heritage. 
If you are unsure about which places to visit inside or from Hiroshima, please refer to the "Other Spots To Visit" tab in the menu for your consideration.
Hiroshima Specialties
Oysters, Hiroshima-style Okomomiyaki (savory pancakes with noodles and cabbage) and Momiji Manju (maple leaf-shaped sponge cake) are the "Hiroshima specialties" to taste. They are not to be missed for visitors to Hiroshima.
Warm Climate with Little Rain and Snow
It's rather easy to plan and enjoy your journey in the Seto Inland Sea Climate, warm with little rain and snow.
The lowest temperature of the urban area is 2  on average in January for the past 30 years. Hiroshima is known as one of the prefectures having the least rainy days throughout the year in Japan.

A Day Trip from Major Cities in Japan

If you take early Shinkansen trains in the morning, it is still early enough to join our one-day tours from the major cities. For the train time suggestions, please contact us by e-mail.
  • From Osaka: 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • From Kyoto:  1 hour and 40 minutes 
  • From Tokyo:  4 hours
JR Rail Pass is a value ticket that most of the inbound visitors use to visit Hiroshima. You may want to see more information from this link.
Distance to hiroshima from Osakam Kyoto and Tokyo
Tour Conditions (取引条件説明書面)
Please make the tour application with your acceptance to the following:
For your quick reference, the following are the key extracts from the tour conditions:
Tour Contract
  • All tours are planned and conducted by Hiroshima Local Tours (HLT) based on its itinerary
  • Tour contract comes into effect when HLT’s contract conclusion e-mail reaches the client.
  • HLT provides customers with the final itinerary, the tour conditions and the contract documents upon the contract conclusion.
Cancellation Fee
  • Free cancellation till 24 hours before the tour date.  
  • If you have booked a chartered bus, the client shall pay the cancellation fees described below (Timing of cancellation is based on Japan time):
Prior to the departure date                      Fee   
  • No less than 11 days (1/)                     0%
  • 8 - 10 days  (2/)                                   20%
  • 2 - 7 days                                              30%
  • 1 day                                                      40%
  • Before the departure on tour day    50%
  • After the departure or no notice     100% 
       (1/): 21 days if accommodation is booked
       (2/): 8-20 days in accommodation is booked
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