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 Find surprises in Japanese cultures and get your own video diary!

Private Tours with English-Speaking Conductor

​"Lantern Festival 2022" video was added to the "Events & Cultures in Hiroshima" of the "Information" tab (August 11, 2022) -- The very impressive event came back. Please join it next year with your lantern. See more.

"Evening for Prayer & Peace 2022" video was added to the "Events & Cultures in Hiroshima" of the "Information" tab (August 11, 2022) -- Have you visited shrines and temples at night? They look very cool and mysterious. Here is the chance for you. See more.

"Why is Miyajima called God Island?" video was added to the "Miyajima" of the "Information" tab (August 06, 2022) -- The island has been regarded as the object for worship since our ancient time. Why? Due to the sacredness, the torii and shrine were built in the sea. See more.

"Sunflower Festival" video was added to the "Other spots to visit" of the "Information" tab (July 21, 2022) -- Sera Kogen seasonally run flower and fruit festivals. The Sunflower Festival begins at July End. Ridiculously beautiful!  Please see the details of the video. See more.
Your Own Video Diary (Amazing "ONLY-ONE" feature) Included
  • We take your photos and videos during the tours and produce your own video diary (approx. 10 min. FHD mp4). You can download and play them on your PC or mobile phone after the tour.
SAMPLES  Please click the following 3 sample video diaries (short & low quality version)
Miyajima, Hiroshima Castle and Peace Memorial Park
Mt. Misen Climbing in Miyajima
Shukkeien & Hiroshima Castle
Special Indemnification of Max. JPY 30,000,000 (US$ 230,000 at 130/$)/person Included
  • We ensure your safety enhancement against unexpected injuries during the tours by including the special Indemnification service. The privilege is applied to all the participants including children and infants.  
Regular Tours
Miyajima & Peace Memorial Park Tour

One-Day Miyajima, Peace Memorial Park & Hiroshima Castle Tour (8 hours)

Visit two World Cultural Heritage sites and Hiroshima Castle.


Please choose your favorite from 5 packages (A, C, D, E & F)

@JPY 3,000~18,100

(US$ 23~139)/person



Half-Day Miyajima Tour (4.5 hours)

Visit Miyajima known as "God Island" and find the reason why.


Please choose your favorite from 3 packages (A, C & E)

@JPY 2,000~12,700

(US$ 15~98)/person



One-Day Miyajima Tour & Mt. Misen Climbing (8 hours)

Enjoy the whole Miyajima by climbing Mt. Misen to watch the Michelin 3-star view. 


Please choose your favorite from 3 packages (A, C & E)

@JPY 3,800~19,500

(US$ 29~150)/person



Half-Day Mitaki Temple Tour

(3 ~3.5 hours)

Enjoy the seasonal beauty in Japanese cultures. 

Please choose your favorite from 2 packages (A & C)

@JPY 1,700~9,800

(US$ 13~75)/person



Half-Day Downtown Hiroshima Tour

(4 hours)

Visit Shukkeien, Hiroshima Castle and Peace Memorial Park. 


Please choose your favorite from 2 packages (A & C)

@JPY 2,000~11,200

(US$ 15~86)/person



Half-Day Kure Marine Culture Tour (4.5 hours)

Enjoy Kure marine cultures and watch the real submarines.

Please choose your favorite from 3 packages (A, C & E)

@JPY 2,000~14,200

(US$ 15~109)/person


Other Reasons To Choose Our Tours
1) Culture-oriented contents included:​
  • Easy understandings with cartoon on Japanese cultures (e.g., Samurai, Shinto, Emperor, Japanese characters, festivals, annual events, power spots)
  • Cultural experiences (e.g., written oracle, incense stick & candle services, folded-paper crane workshop, local sweets, worship at shrine and temple and more)
2) Customer-friendly arrangements made for more flexibility:
  • Free Cancellation till 24 hours before the tour date
  • Various packages available in each tour (e.g., guide only, fun, taxi & JR fare)
  • The more adults you have, the lower per-person prices you get
  • Low price setting for children & infants
3) Robust business formalities implemented for secure tours:
  • Travel business license given by Hiroshima Governor (full regulatory compliance)
  • Licensed conductor (customer safety protection & quality services)
4) Further options available at your requests:
  • Chartered bus
  • Port pick-up services
  • Tailor-made tours including different destinations
  • From a one-man to large group tour
For more details, please contact us by e-mail: hiroshimalocaltours@gmail.com
New Experiences Are Waiting For You
New experiences in Japanese cultures are waiting for you. Let's try what local people do.  It is highly recommended for all people including the first-time visitors, seasoned travelers, elderly and families with children.
Folding Paper Crane
Purification 002-600.JPG
Carp 001-600.jpg
Power Crystal Quartz
O-Torii Gate
Woship at temple
Incense stick and candle service-600.jpg
Alternative Packages Available Even in the Same Tours
Various packages are available in each tour to accommodate a variety of customer needs in the price and content. 
  • A Package is "Guide Only". You can choose your favorite activities on site, additionally paying other expenses than the guide fee for both you and our conductor.
  • C package is called "Fun Package" and the most popular for travelers having JR Rail Pass (*). 
  • D Package is available for those who want to minimize the walking time. It's called "Taxi Package" to move from Station to Castle, then to Peace Memorial Park by taxi. 
  • E & F Packages are available for those having no JR Rail Pass. E is for C and F is for D as tour bases.
    Note (*): JR Rail Pass is a JR round-trip ticket available for those living out of Japan
Further Options at Your Requests 
If you would like special arrangements, such as port pick-up services, chartered bus, slow paces for elderly / children / baby car / those who need wheelchairs or other sightseeing locations, please contact us for our suggestions.
Useful Links:

Quick Learning for International Travelers - Here is the cultural information for international travelers before visit to Japan and Hiroshima
Hiroshima Scenery Photos - Here is an album of Hiroshima photos taken at the famous sightseeing locations. Please refer to them in your tour planning.

Hiroshima Weather Forecast - Here is the link to the Hiroshima weather forecast for the next 6 days.
Tour Conditions (取引条件説明書面)
Please make the tour application with your acceptance to the following:
For your quick reference, the following are the key extracts from the tour conditions:
Tour Contract
  • All tours are planned and conducted by Hiroshima Local Tours (HLT) based on its itinerary
  • Tour contract comes into effect when HLT’s contract conclusion e-mail reaches the client.
  • HLT provides customers with the final itinerary, the tour conditions and the contract documents upon the contract conclusion.
Cancellation Fee
  • Free cancellation till 24 hours before the tour date if you have not requested a chartered bus. 100% cancellation fee required If cancelled on the tour date.  
  • If you have booked a chartered bus, the client shall pay the cancellation fees described below as shown in the terms & conditions (Timing of cancellation is based on Japan time):
Prior to the departure date                      Fee   
  • No less than 11 days (1/)                     0%
  • 8 - 10 days  (2/)                                   20%
  • 2 - 7 days                                              30%
  • 1 day                                                      40%
  • Before the departure on tour day    50%
  • After the departure or no notice     100% 
       (1/): 21 days if accommodation is booked
       (2/): 8-20 days in accommodation is booked